Our Event Management Services

Pre-Event Management

We can support your team with any and all pre-event management including:

  1. registration management
  2. housing management
  3. monitoring & managing the event email alias
  4. email blast assistance
  5. call center
  6. collections on outstanding balances
  7. conference budgeting

Housing Management

We can manage all hotels that are contracted for your event including:

  1. main contact with hotel
  2. manage reservation requests
  3. work with hotel for additional rooms needed
  4. submit rooming list to hotel
  5. generate hotel pacing reports
  6. monitor hotel pick up reports to avoid attrition

On-site Registration Management

We can manage all aspects of registration while on-site throughout your event. We take pride in being the initial 'face' of registration to welcome your attendees to the conference. On-site management includes:

  1. registration temp staff training & management
  2. attendee check-in & distribution of any materials
  3. registration desk setup & tear down
  4. management of all emails
  5. conference bag distribution

Speaker/Exhibitor Registration Management

We work with your team to make sure all speakers & exhibitors are registered with appropriate passes. Management includes:

  1. utilizing list supplied by client to send out registration reminders to speakers & exhibitors
  2. tracking speaker & exhibitor registration to ensure badges are ready at check-in

Badge Production and Printing

We are experienced in several conference management systems (CMS) to work with your team on the following:

  1. create badges utilizing images from client
  2. print badges at our headquarters prior to event
  3. process changes/updates to badges both pre-event and on-site

Staff/Team/VIP Registration and Hotel Management

We will make sure the entire conference team/staff is registered for the conference with appropriate hotel accommodations including:

  1. submitting all applicable information to the hotel contact regarding rooms billed to the master account.
  2. ensure all VIPs are allocated to the appropriate upgraded rooms

Lead Retrieval Management

We are proficient in lead retrieval management including:

  1. on-site lead retrieval team for scanner distribution & upload
  2. utilizing exhibitor list to email main contact with lead information
  3. mobile app scanner systems

Website Build Assistance

We work with your team and registration software to:

  1. build the website and registration for your conference (client supplies all images)
  2. create approved automated registration emails
  3. create & manage invite lists

Site Inspection/Venue Sourcing

We can spearhead your site inspections including:

  1.  sourcing venue and hotel locations
  2. confirming dates, availability & pricing
  3. contract negotiation

Email Blast Assistance

We work with your team and your existing conference management system to:

  1. upload conference email blasts 
  2. schedule emails to go to your attendees
  3. monitor email questions directly related to blasts through emails

Call Center

We can create a dedicated phone line for your attendees to reach out with:

  1. conference questions
  2. registration payment 
  3. other FAQs
  4. create approved greeting & voicemail messages for client


We work with your team to:

  1. schedule physical mailings to all attendees. 
  2. include anything from badges to promotional items to drink/dinner tickets in the packets

Sponsor Opportunites

We work directly with companies on:

  1. sponsor opportunities
  2. budget planning
  3. negotiating booth location
  4. manage all aspects of booth contract

Custom Reporting

We work with your existing software system to create custom reports to be sent monthly, weekly or daily to specific email addresses. We can send custom reports to:

  1. specific staff
  2. exhibitors
  3. speakers
  4. workshop presenters

Global Event Management

We can manage events from anywhere for anywhere! We manage all aspects of events in North America as well as throughout Europe.

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